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KANYE WEST: 'JESUS IS KING' Album Stream & Download - Listen Now! KANYE WEST‘s new album is out! Artist just released his studio album JESUS IS KING – and we have it here for you to listen to!

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Kanye West Confirms Jesus Is King” Album

Well, Kanye West is back in album mode. Also known as Yeezus, Kanye announced on his website the news that the album was to be published originally under the name Yandhi. Barely a day after US socialite, Kim Kardashian, said her husband Kanye West is now saved, the musician has confirmed the release date of his gospel album. The band released 2 studio albums and 1 mini album. On that 2016 album, Kanye had the gospel singer Kirk Franklin as a featured artist, sampled Pastor T.L. Barrett's song "Father I Stretch My Hands," and made TLOP's narrative a retelling of Paul the Apostle's conversion from sinner to saint.

Having fans thinking that the next body of work would be Yandhi, Kim Kardashian has instead just announced Kanye's forthcoming album, Jesus Is King. Coincidentally or not, the September 27 date would fall exactly one year after Kanye's release date announcement for YANDHI, his hyped 2018 album which subsequently never dropped. Thankfully though, it looks like Kanye was trolling us. The new album consists of just seven tracks, representing some of the most political material ever released by the rapper.

He has previously teased the release of an album titled Yandhi, but it has never debuted. Law of Attraction” (also called Chakras”) is probably the most obvious demo on the album, as similar to the previous track, Kanye mumbles nonsensical lyrics to get his flow down throughout. Some version of this album has been in the making for the past year: West originally pushed the release of Yandhi from last September to November before postponing it indefinitely.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter on Thursday to reveal the tracklisting for what appears to be a new album from her husband Kanye West. After a few days of speculation, we have an official word about Kanye West's new album. The album will be released on September 27th. Seeing him covering famous Gospel records and adding a Gospel twist to his own material, Sunday Service surely has inspired this new album.

The album name and tracklist are heavily influenced by Kanye's Christian faith. Kanye West's latest Sunday Service was held just miles away from his newly acquired $14 million estate on Monster Lake Ranch in Cody, Wyo., just days before the rapper's new album, Jesus Is King,” drops Friday. Kanye West may not be big on cracking smiles, but one peek at Forbes' ‘Highest Paid in Hip Hop' list should definitely give the hitmaker a reason to flash those pearly whites.

Jesus believes he's on the right track to a better life, but his heartbreaking story arc throughout the album will prove that untrue. A new Kanye West song called ‘Brothers' was teased back in May , which then appeared on the soundtrack to Tales. If the title wasn't a clear enough indicator of the religious nature of the album, song titles like "Baptized," "God Is," "Sweet Jesus," "Sunday," and "Garden," should do the trick.

In it, we can see an apparent tracklist for an album titled Jesus Is King. Rap superstar and fashion mogul Kanye West confirmed the release date of his highly anticipated new album, Jesus is King, while speaking at a Baptist Church in Atlanta on Sunday, new footage has revealed. Listen to Kanye West - JESUS IS KING FULL ALBUM now. The Sunday Service may not influence the church as a whole, but it's already come to define this era of Kanye West almost as much as his Make America Great Again hat.

In September the controversial rapper announced that he was releasing an album titled Yandhi later that month, however it was postponed and then abandoned. West has also confirmed the release of Jesus Is King by updating his official website A screenshot of Kardashian's post of the tracklist — which also features an open bible and a yellow notepad with biblical phrases scrawled across the page — is now the sole page that is available to view on West's site.

Kanye West's new album Jesus Is King ” is indeed coming on September 27th. During his introduction, he personally announced that the album would arrive on September 27. This remains the most credible assurance of the release date so far. West has kept a relatively low profile both personally and professionally throughout 2019, lending Jesus Is King a mystique and freshness that should give it an edge over its predecessor.

That desire is echoed on the companion album to ye , Kids See Ghosts, released one week after. He has even hinted at wanting to start his own church After failing to deliver his highly-anticipated” Yandhi album last September, Thursday (August 29) Yeezy's wife, Kim Kardashian got the Yeezites excited with just a photo. Kanye West surprised Dayton residents during their recent block party event hosted by Dave Chappelle.

Now, it appears as though this gospel influence will shine through on what appears to be Kanye's upcoming album, with Kim Kardashian sharing a tracklist for a record titled Jesus Is King. The authenticity of King’s verses along with solid contributions from J1 and Denim Deleon makes “Why” one the album’s best tracks. Granted, this is Kanye we're talking about, which means fans shouldn't actually count on getting a new album until it's blasting through their speakers.

West may not be a streaming juggernaut on the scale of Post Malone or Drake, but he still commands a large streaming audience, especially as his album releases have become increasingly unorthodox. After all, both Kanye and Kim Kardashian tweeted about the imminent release of a new album YANDHI which was supposed to arrive on September 29 last year. Following a performance a performance at Tyler, the Creator's music festival Camp Flog Gnaw with Kid Cudi under the name Kids See Ghosts, West revealed the album would be delayed once more.

For ages it appeared his next album would be the much-delayed Yandhi, but talk of that project died down as the rapper focused instead on gospel-flavored performances he called Sunday Services, the likes of which culminated with a much-discussed Coachella set It makes some kind of sense, then, that he'd call his new album Jesus Is King, even if it muddies up his own self-deification efforts.

9. "New Year's Day" seems to follow the tradition of the final tracks on Taylor's albums representing fresh starts. Beverly Crawford Thank You for All You've Done” Album Review Camps, Sr. The song trumps with lots of heart tugging moments aided by its refreshingly intimate lyrics. Last year West released his eighth solo album ye. He also collaborated with Kid Cudi on KIDS SEE GHOSTS and produced albums for Pusha-T, Nas, and Teyana Taylor.

On February 15th, I bought American Idiot, the album, on CD. From that day, through at least the end of 2006, I didn't listen to any other band. Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian-West, has shared a photograph of a notebook listing what appears to be the album's title — Jesus is King — as well as a 12-song tracklist and September 27th release date. The central synth hook recalls the harder edges of classic albums like Boy In Da Corner, while the urgent and vociferous lyrics, fuelled by palpable sense of historical and personal injustice, put Kanye's delivery front and centre.

Kanye West began his journey of Sunday Service” in a small recording studio just for friends and family. Aside from the title ‘Jesus is King,' every song makes reference to Jesus, God, or a situation in the Bible. Kanye West has confirmed the release date for his ninth studio album, to be titled Jesus Is King. Kanye West has new music on the way. Jesus is King is sure to reflect his Sunday Service” gospel performances which he began at the beginning of this year, eventually leading to a huge performance at Coachella this past April where he played Water,” seen in the tracklist below.

Of course, after he promised an album called Yandhi last year, it never actually arrived, so there's no telling if this project will actually manifest. The fans, as stated on the website, literally worship the mega social icon, pop star, designer and idol of the church of Yeezianity, who, at the time, was none other than, famed rapper Kanye West. However, he's never released an entire religion-themed album before.

A recent Instagram post from Kim Kardashian appears to reveal the tracklisting for the album. West's wife Kim Kardashian West first announced Jesus Is King with a pair of social media posts on 29 August, revealing the release date, the album title and the contents of its 12-strong tracklist. We have really felt God's guidance and presence when making this album and we pray and believe that you will be blessed and inspired by it as well.

First announced by Kim Kardashian and later confirmed by Kanye himself, Jesus is King is set to drop on Friday, September 27. Other Album Tracks. Jesus Is King looks set to arrive on September 27. The tracklist notably features "Water," a song that West performed during his Sunday Service event at the Coachella Music and Arts festival earlier this year. West's most recent album, Ye, was released in June of 2018.

Kanye West 's forthcoming album has an official release date, with the rapper revealing that Jesus Is King will drop before September is over. Classics like Amen, Praise the Lord,” The Butterfly Song,” and Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God,” are on this album. Fans are speculating Kanye West is preparing to release a new album after his wife shared what appeared to be a tracklist.

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